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November 2018
Someone Cares is a faith ministry, supported by God's love and your gifts. It is a non- profit corporation; all donations are tax-deductible.

Don & Yvonne McClure

PDF November 2018


    After my second heart surgery and still being in good shape, I have some decisions to make. This ministry has been blessed and is growing. Should we find a buyer or a partnership? We will - as usual – let God decide.

    My doctor sees no reason why at 85 that I should not play golf again! Never give up. I will admit, and I am sure you all have seen, that I have made a few mistakes. Some errors are just careless, but now Yvonne and Ronna will do most of the writing. I would ask friends and Faith Partners to dig a little deeper. These last two months have had a lot going on.

    Put two together, add God and get Someone Cares. Don and Yvonne are as opposite as you can ever get. I was an atheist and she a preacher’s daughter. A statement, “Don’t give up, give in,” led to a great ministry started on the cross by Jesus. Slowly each of you joined. and we grew. It seems like yesterday but it was forty years ago. We have well over 300,000 inmates who have completed Bible studies. That is “Thanks” mainly to Voice of Prophecy. One of our early volunteers is now a Conference President. We have boxes of Poems and stories which we will get printed - great stuff. Because of each of you someone really does care. Amem!

    SOMEONECARES.ORG is our web page. If you go there you can click on the radio icon and listen to radio shows we have just done over the years. Also in red is an application. Print it out and you can see what the inmates fill out. We are a Christian Pen Friend Program not a pen pal organization. Please share this with your address book, your church and friends.


    Forty years ago this all started and has never stopped. We have grown and kept growing. Funding was much easier when I preached in churches two or three times a month and we received a love offering. I pray one day soon a big donor will jump on board as this has happened once before. But we have also been proud of the widow’s mite.

    We have totally worn out four donated cars. Our home is paid for and we have no ministry or personal debt. Amen! We were looking through our records and were very pound to see people of all faiths. We do not believe in the doctrine of some and some don’t believe on ours. But all faiths will be in heaven and we pray that will be soon.


    With prisons overcrowded and getting fuller, rehabilitation is not easy. States do not care. For them it is big business. Most in prison loose contact with outside, often with family. There are no schools or jobs, just dead time. When a caring person writes a light starts to glow. This is the importance of Pen Friend over Pen Pal.

    In future issues of our newsletter Ronna and Yvonne are going to share some thoughts and ideas.


    Dear Pen Friends:
    You must use both your first and last name. We have approximately one thousand letters each week to process so you must have first and last names. This is a ministry so we must be honest about names.

    All of you are doing a great ministry by writing to someone in prison. You are letting a little sunshine into a dark cell. Praise God! We want to encourage you to keep up the good work. We do need more help so as funds increase we will be able to get more help. May God Bless each of you! We need your support and prayers.


    Because of the lots of folks involved with Someone Cares I got a Pen Friend. I had tried and tried but never got an answer. Finally, I got a Pen Friend and a Bible study. Three of my friends also joined. Amen! I’m in prison for doing something stupid. I could not afford an attorney. Thank God for Someone Cares. There is no such thing as rehabilitation, just regeneration.

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